With our unmatched experience in the field, we provide: sales, brokerage, customs handling, transfers, post sale maintenance, storage and spare parts services for our second hand boats.

At Boranova, we offer three main services: brand representation/distribution, direct brand consulting to boat manufacturers/distributors and second hand boat sales. In all our services, our professional approach and trust in our ability show themselves.

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Property In Turkey – International Property Investment & Marketing Istanbul

Kılıçlar Global is one of the most prestigious consulting institutions in the field of purchasing a property in Turkey.

More than 10 years of experience acting in a growing real estate market have made that our institution became a safe port for all those who would like to buy some kind of real estate in Turkey.

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Kiliclar Steel Construction Ltd. Sti.

Our firm launched its business life with light steel construction work in 1972.As a result of its growth in the following years, it has continued to give services of storage tanks, steel silos, and steel construction to date.

The working fields of our firm include producing underground and other fuel tanks, raw material tanks, rustproof water tanks, steel silos, cement and concrete silos, bunker products, steel roof and construction products especially the firms in oil, chemistry and construction sectors need.